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You can drop any line of text on edit boxes or any other droppable place





Do you fill out a lot of forms- especially on line- with the same information? Text Drop files (extension txd, but they are plain text files) hold a number of pieces of text which can be drag-n-dropped onto any "droppable" area, such as edit boxes on web pages, word processor documents, etc.

When you first start Text Drop it will be ready to create a new file in Edit Mode. If you start Text Drop by double-clicking a txd file it will be in Normal Mode, in which you drag-n-drop the text items. To change modes, select Edit Mode on the View menu.

A check mark indicates Edit Mode is active. In Edit Mode you can add new items (double-click or press the Insert key), edit existing items (click a highlighted item or press the F2 key), or move items higher or lower in the list of items (drag them to where you want them). Switch back to Normal Mode and you're set to go.

Text Drop starts as a Stay on Top window. It is always on top of all other windows. If you don't like that, click Stay on Top on the View menu to remove the check mark.

Text Drop application was designed to be a text bank.
Last updated on September 30th, 2007
Text Drop - The main window of Text Drop software where you will be able to create new notes or edit / delete the existing ones.Text Drop - Options window of Text Drop software where you will be able to adjust and modify the general settings.

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