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Simple-to-use application which enables you to access a virtual keyboard, with automatic layout for all languages according to Windows setup

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Touch-it a software tool which can be used on multi-monitor systems, to display a highly customizable virtual keyboard.

The installation process is quick and surprise-free, while the interface has a minimal and familiar design. This means all types of users can get around it, without facing any kind of difficulty.

This software program can be used just like the normal keyboard, as it enables you to also perform keyboard combinations, such as pressing “Shift+2” or “Ctrl+Alt+Del”.

Aside from that, it can play sounds when you press a key or when you release one, yet you should also know they can be turned off. This utility can be non-obtrusive, as you can send it to the system tray with great ease.

From the settings panel, you can append a hotkey for showing or hiding Touch-it, adjust the animation speed and delay when closing or opening, as well as enable or disable key repetition and change the window style. It is also possible to input the send text delay, tab focus timeout number of click intervals and focus change time.

You can dock the keyboard to the task bar or just move it around the screen, lock the screen so as to prevent accidental screen taps, and access the extensive Help contents. The CPU and memory usage is insignificant and therefore, this software utility will not hinder your computer’s performance in any way.

To sum up, Touch-it is a smart and efficient solution for people with damaged keyboards or devices with touch-screen. It has a good response time and it is accessible to both power and novice users.

Touch-It was reviewed by Madalina Boboc
Last updated on February 6th, 2014
Touch-It - Touch-It will provide users with a powerful set of tools to build and use on screen keyboardsTouch-It - The Setup window will display a list of options like Fading, Minimize, Desktop locking, Sounds or AdvanceTouch-It - Users will be able to access options such as Active, Ignore first click, Delay or Opacity from the Fading sectionTouch-It - screenshot #4Touch-It - screenshot #5Touch-It - screenshot #6Touch-It - screenshot #7Touch-It - The Beta version of the application allows you to view and use the virtual keyboard.Touch-It - The Beta version of Touch-It allows you to easily access all the special keys and characters.