Virtual Programmable Keyboard

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An application that easily records keystrokes as a Windows macro, emulating programmable keyboard




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A program designed to record keystrokes as a Windows macro, emulating a programmable keyboard.

With Virtual Programmable Keyboard now you can make common and repetitive tasks simple and easy. Just record them to a single keystroke. This can be used in any Windows application to improve efficiency and productivity.

First you specify the keystroke that you want to record the macro for, then start typing the keys. You can record hotkeys for any key except hotkeys that are reserved for Windows usage.

For example: You could record WIN+F2 to type your signature to an email, or WIN+F3 to type in a commonly typed phrase. If you are performing repetitive tasks in design software, Virtual Programmable Keyboard can be an excellent tool to automate tasks. Combine multiple steps into a single keystroke! Virtual Programmable Keyboard has endless uses to save you time.


· Virtual Programmable Keyboard allows you to record 2 macros
Last updated on August 26th, 2006
Virtual Programmable Keyboard - You can access Virtual Programmable Keyboard's interface just by double clicking the icon from the systray.Virtual Programmable Keyboard - Virtual Programmable Keyboard's New Macro Option allows you to record your "Macro" by pressing any key on the keybord.Virtual Programmable Keyboard - Click "Save" and the application will save all the recorded keystrokes.