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Make waking up in the morning be something to worry less about with the help of this compact and easy to use programmable alarm clock

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For certain people, getting out of the bed in the morning is the hardest task. However, different devices are capable of emitting sound at given hours to help you wake up. This can also be done using a computer application like WakeUp! Alarm Clock and the name speaks for itself.

A compact, programmable alarm clock

The application's interface consists of a little window with a 12 hour clock displayed. Unfortunately, it stays on your desktop and can only be minimized to the taskbar, with no implemented option to keep it hidden in the system tray.

Accessing the 'Settings” menu is the only way you can set the hour you wish to be disturbed on purpose. From the same menu, you can choose to play a sound file or a track from an audio CD. However, you can only select WAV files as alarm tones.

Limited functionality and options

One of the biggest disadvantages of the application is the lack of a scheduler and option to set it to run at startup. If you rely on this little utility to get you out of bed every morning, the only way is to manually program it each time.

Once the alarm goes off, you can either “Wake up” as suggested, or hit the “Snooze” button and be surprised, because you are not able to set the time for the last mentioned option. Additionally, you can only set up one alarm at a time, making the application deserve its name.

To end with

All in all, WakeUp! Alarm Clock is a straightforward application, with not much help for long term use. Its core function works properly, but the lack of more advanced features leaves a little something to be desired.

WakeUp! Alarm Clock was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on May 19th, 2014
WakeUp! Alarm Clock - The main window of WakeUp! Alarm ClockWakeUp! Alarm Clock - Clock tab menu window of WakeUp! Alarm ClockWakeUp! Alarm Clock - WakeUp! Settings window lets you set the alarm time and select the sound to be played