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The program allows you to change your desktop wallpaper automatically every X minutes

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Wallpaper Master is a desktop wallpaper changer that comes with a great amount of configuration options and advanced features to automatically set a new desktop background at a user-defined interval.

Although you may not know where to start when you first launch the app, it’s only because the main window groups all features, in an attempt to make everything very easy to use.

And you shall figure out which feature is which in just a few seconds, while afterwards using the program is as easy as pie.

The program lets you create wallpaper categories and add photos in any of them, with ratings to vote your favorite pictures and various positions to force the pictures fit your desktop.

What’s more, you can scan a specific folder and even monitor it to automatically add the newest photos to the list and use them as wallpapers.

Setting up the desktop background changing process is a breeze because Wallpaper Master features multiple options in this regard, allowing you to start it at a defined interval or at startup. Plus, you can set the position background color and the order, while a preview panel lets you see a selected wallpaper with ease.

What’s more, Wallpaper Master comes with hotkey support that allows its users to change a wallpaper, resize or stretch it, hide icons, pause and resume timer just by pressing a configured keyboard shortcut.

Wallpaper Master quietly runs in the background and doesn’t affect the overall performance of the system, running just fine on all Windows versions.

The drawback is the limited format support, as the program can only work with JPG or GIF pictures.

All in all, Wallpaper Master is one of the best apps of its kind of the market, serving its purpose with ease and offering users an impressive list of features.

Wallpaper Master was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on April 26th, 2012
Wallpaper Master - The Wallpaper Master main window allows you to change your wallpaper at whatever interval you specify and also manage it as you like.Wallpaper Master - The Position tab from the right part of the Wallpaper Master application lets you customize the position of the wallpaper and select if you want it to be centered or streched.Wallpaper Master - The Color button provides you options for the background color.Wallpaper Master - The Monitor button from the right part of the Wallpaper Master program lets you monitor a specified directory.Wallpaper Master - The Options window helps you allows you to auto start the wallpaper at windows logon, to close it after a number of seconds etc.

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