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A lightweight and effective application which aims to offer you quick access to your most frequently used documents and programs

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WinPanel is an intuitive and easy to understand piece of software whose main purpose resides in providing you with swift access to your favorite documents or apps, enabling you to launch them at the push of a button.

Basic yet practical appearance

The utility features a simple and straightforward user interface, displaying eight buttons in total, which you can customize individually.

By right clicking each button, you can ‘Select Path’, ‘Save’, ‘Rename’ or ‘Select Image’ to act as the buttons’ background.

Configure the role of the shortcut buttons and their looks

WinPanel lets you configure each button to launch or open a file in its default software, requiring simply that you click on it once to do it, this way saving you both time and effort, by sparing you from having to look for it in your start menu or in your system folders.

You can set a name for each button, as well as modify their appearance, by loading a locally stored image to serve as its background. To ensure the changes are preserved, you can click on the ‘Save’ option in the context menu.

Handy as it may be, WinPanel leaves very little room for actual tinkering, as you cannot adjust the number of buttons in the main window, nor their position, orientation or dimensions. The window cannot be set as always on top and it does not support running in the notification area.

A straightforward launcher

To conclude, WinPanel is a handy yet rather restrictive application meant to help you open the files you need to work with or the software tools you have use for, with a single button press on the corresponding button in its main window.

WinPanel was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on June 24th, 2014
WinPanel - The main window of WinPanel displays the shortcut buttons you created and allows you to customize themWinPanel - From the context menu, you can rename a button or select the path to the file you want it to openWinPanel - The dedicated window enables you to change the name of a button to a different title

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