Wintensity Screen Dimmer1.04

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Wintensity Screen Dimmer - Adjust dim levels of your screens.





What did the Amiga, MAC and Next have that Windows didn't? Introducing Wintensity for Windows XP Home & Pro! We at AN!MZ turned our 'In-House' tool into the new way to 'DIM' your screen and still 'SEE' what's going on with your desktop!

Modular and Expandable with virtually ZERO overhead. Your NEW #1 Screen Utility! Perfect for Desktops, Laptops, TabletPC's, Corporations, Hospitals, Servers, Cash Registers, Render Farms - ANY WINDOWS XP SYSTEM ON EARTH!

But then - we improved on it by letting you select the 'Dim' level, throw in your choice of 'Pop-Ups' like multiple different 'Digital Clocks' (or no Pop-Up at all) with variable sizes and user 'Alpha' transparency control, and Included Two (2) BONUS PACKAGES alll for One LOW price!

Wintensity is perfect for CRT's, Flat Screens, Wide Screens and Plasma Monitors. With support of Single and Dual Display setups (both must be same resolution) and now TabletPC's.


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Last updated on December 23rd, 2006
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