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A powerful desktop shortcut organizer that can arrange for a central access point where all of your favorite applications and websites are stored

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XUS Launcher is a highly customizable launcher that can gather and organize shortcuts to the most common system sections, as well as to applications chosen by the user.

What impresses most about XUS Launcher is its flexibility, which reflects in more power to the end user. One can create custom launch scenarios with a minimum amount of efforts.

It is also visually appealing, brought in the form of a circular dock centered on the desktop, which can be customized to match your taste as well. The circle encases a high amount of independent containers, which can be edited to point to a certain application that can be launched with a single mouse click.

The programs comes with a set of predefined shortcuts to common areas of the system, such as My Computer, Internet access, Recycle Bin, Email, Accessories, Microsoft Office, to which you can add your own schemes.

Creating a new shortcut is done using a dedicated dialog, where you are required to specify the path of the executable file to be pinned, or alternatively, the link to a favorite website; another option allows you to create groups, where multiple links and shortcuts can reside.

In the center of the circle, there is a central management section that provides access to various OS related operations, such as desktop switching, sleep, shut down, restart, lock, turn off monitor, to name just a few.

The current configuration can be backed up and restored at a later time using the Settings window. Also from this section you can tailor the dock’s appearance to your needs.

In conclusion, XUS Launcher can be used as a central access point for the applications you use most often. It saves the time you’d be spending to manually seek the path to system or non-system related functions.

XUS Launcher was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on January 19th, 2015
XUS Launcher - XUS Launcher will provide users with a powerful desktop icon manager applicationXUS Launcher - The contextual menu of the application will offer a list of options like Always Hide Desktop Icons, Switch Desktop or Lock DraggingXUS Launcher - Users will be able to access options such as Backup, Restore or Appearance within the Settings panelXUS Launcher - screenshot #4XUS Launcher - screenshot #5

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