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It is a desktop dock style Nepali calendar that bundles an BS-AD / AD-BS conversion tool and allows you to get notifications on important events

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devNEPALIDATEBAR is nothing more than a Nepali calendar for your desktop. The application includes the lunisolar Hindu calendar that allows you to view the date as it is considered in the Nepali culture.

The setup process is brief, but you are prompted to install additional fonts to your system, in case they are not already available. The application displays a small window onto the desktop, showing the current date in the Bikram Sambat (BS) system.

The actual calendar can be launched by choosing the designated option within the right-click context menu. It consists of a simple window where you can view all the months and days, with simple and comprehensive navigation tools that allow you to quickly switch to the next month.

In addition to this, the calendar bundles options for instantly jumping to a certain month, either in the Nepali calendar or the Christian one (with AD – Anno Domini as the reference year). With the click of a button, you can also jump directly to the current day, which is immediately highlighted within the calendar.

devNEPALIDATEBAR also includes a section that enables you to view a complete list of the important events or holidays in the currently selected month, such as Christmas and New Year. It provides one-click printing of the calendar to OXPS or XPS format, allowing you to have the calendar on paper as well.

The Hindu calendar system differs from the Christian one, since they have separate beginning dates. devNEPALIDATEBAR helps you convert dates in the B.S. system to A.D. with the help of its built-in dedicated tool. The resulting date can be copied to the clipboard with just a click.

devNEPALIDATEBAR provides you with a Nepali calendar similar to a sidebar gadget, with customizable appearance that can match the look of your desktop. It offers information at a glance concerning the current date, while also allowing you to convert dates and get notifications about important events.

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Last updated on December 6th, 2013
devNEPALIDATEBAR - devNEPALIDATEBAR displays a little window on your desktop screen, which shows you the current date.devNEPALIDATEBAR - You can also open the large devNEPALI Calendar and use it to jump to a certain date.devNEPALIDATEBAR - devNEPALIDATEBAR includes a date convertor that enables you to easily convert dates from AD to BS or viceversa.

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