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Change the icon and color of your folders

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IColorFolder is a very easy to use application designed to change the color and the icon of any folder on your computer.

Although Windows already comes with some folder customization tools, allowing you to change the icon of a specific folder, IColorFolder does much more than that, all through a very easy to navigate interface.

The configuration process is just basic but all users have to do it, mostly because IColorFolder comes with multiple built-in skins and choosing the default one is a must.

The main window is very, very simple and shows the currently installed skins, as well as a preview to see the new folder icon. You can also enable the generic folder icon defined in each skin or use one of your own by providing the path to the source folder.

Once you hit “Apply” it's all a matter of seconds to change the icon of any folder. Just right click the folder and you have the “Color Label” option that gives you the power to change the color in a matter of seconds.

Although it places an entry in the Windows Context Menu, IColorFolder doesn't slow down the computer at all, but we've discovered some problems during our test. While the app works flawlessly on Windows XP, not the same thing can be said about Vista and 7 as it manages to load, but it doesn't make any modifications to your system.

All things considered, IColorFolder is a nice folder tweaking tool, relying on a very user friendly interface and basic configuration settings to target all types of computer users.

iColorFolder was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on February 18th, 2012
iColorFolder - iColorFolder offers you several skins so you can change the look and feel of the folders found in your PC.iColorFolder - You can change each individual icon or you can use the program for a batch conversion.iColorFolder - Folder skins and colors can be changed easily with the help of iColorFolder.

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