Clownfish Aquarium

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An interesting and user-friendly application that enables you to display a realistic simulation of the ocean floor on your screen

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Clownfish Aquarium is a fun piece of software that aims to offer you the means of watching a relaxing simulation of the ocean floor when taking a break from work on your computer.

Intuitive and approachable appearance

Subsequent to the installation process, you can launch the utility either by double-clicking the created desktop shortcut or by accessing the ‘Personalize’ function from your Windows context menu.

The program features a fairly attractive interface, allowing you to browse through the available scenes using your mouse scroll wheel, also being able to adjust their configuration to suit your individual preferences.

Embellish your computer screen with realistic aquarium simulations and exotic fish

Clownfish Aquarium features multiple scenes, on the right-edge of the screen , each displaying a specific background and fish. Clicking on one of the scenes enables you to modify their appearance, including the ‘Total Population’ of fish, the ‘Wave Amp’ level, before displaying it on your desktop.

Moreover, the application features a ‘Live Wallpaper’ function that allows you to keep working on your PC, yet still view the dynamic images of Clownfish Aquarium. Before activating it, you can set the ‘Fish Speed’, ‘Sea Star Speed’, ‘Camera Waving Range’, ‘Mouse Sensitivity’ or enable the ‘Anaglyph Stereo 3D’ feature.

You also have the possibility of adjusting the ‘Sound’ preferences, having several presets at your disposal; similarly, you can just mute Clownfish Aquarium. Other adjustable features refer to the ‘Water Level’, ‘Color Saturation’, ‘Plankton Number’ or ‘Bubble Speed’.

A dynamic ocean simulation

To summarize, Clownfish Aquarium is an interesting tool functioning as a screensaver that can also function while you are using your computer, so you can continue viewing the swimming fish in the background.

Clownfish Aquarium was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on May 7th, 2014
Clownfish Aquarium - The main window of Clownfish Aquarium allows you to select the scene you want to displayClownfish Aquarium - The dedicated window enables you to show water surface or autostart live wallpaper, letting icons be visibleClownfish Aquarium - In the Settings section, you can set the fish speed, the sea star speed or the camera waving range