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A simple to use application that works as a screensaver, animating your desktop, when in stand by mode, with an apophenic drawing

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Dialleloscope - Dialleloscope is a creative screensaver based on an animated apophenic drawing, designed to enliven your screen.
Dialleloscope is a lightweight application that serves as a screensaver animation for your desktop. It is designed to enliven your screen with an animated apophenic drawing, that covers your desktop when your computer is not used.

The auto-generating drawing

Apophenic art is a name given to a particular style of illustrations based on custom made patterns. The name is inspired from the apophenic condition, that describes an experience of seeing patterns or connections in random data.

Dialleloscope is an application that generates animated drawings, in a mirrored symmetry. The drawing starts with simple shapes, then more complicated, symmetric patterns are generated, in a rotating motion. The automatically generated animation is randomized, meaning it cannot take the same shape twice.

A dynamic screensaver

Dialleloscope can easily be used as a screensaver. It is a portable application, which means you simply need to copy the file to the dedicated system folder, then select it from the Desktop properties menu. As any screensaver, the application is automatically opened each time the computer is out of use for more than a few minutes.

You may also open Dialleloscope, at any moment and watch as a colorful pattern drawing is generated against a black screen. The application is automatically closed when the computer is in use, including at a hover of the cursor or the pressing of a key.

Animate your desktop with an apophenic drawing

When applied in art, the notion of apophenia can describe an impressive illustration with patterned shapes. The continuous generation of shapes is based on mirrored symmetry and random algorithms, which determine unique shapes. The tool used to create such an animation is a simple brush, with a multitude of colors, for a more vivid effect. Thus, Dialleloscope screensaver can enliven your desktop, but protect the contents of your screen when you are away from the computer.

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