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Watching some of the biggest predators in the world live in their natural habitat is always interesting. Free Predators Screensaver is a nice app that puts together pictures of some of the most feared animals.

The software is extremely easy to install and customize, which is possible through the Windows Screensaver settings. The app includes pictures of lions, tigers, lynxes and cheetahs in their natural environment.

The tool comes with a few settings of its own. Thus, you can have the photo slides repeat and enable random transition effects. Additionally, the transition times are adjustable. The program lets you choose a time interval of up to ten seconds, with a third of a second as a minimum. The mouse cursor can also be hidden during the presentation.

The screensaver can be adorned with a digital clock, which can be positioned in either of the corners or the cardinal points of the image, as well as in the center. The font size can also be customized.

There are multiple formats available for displaying the time, including some that show the date. Additionally, the clock can have any of the predefined colors (white, blue, black etc.). The slide number can also be displayed anywhere on the screen.

While most similar apps are sensitive to mouse movements, Free Predators Screensaver can only exit by pressing the Escape button on the keyboard. Other slideshow controls are also available.

The bottom line is that Free Predators Screensaver is nice app that’s great if you’re passionate about dangerous but beautiful animals. Inexperienced users should find this app easy to set up.

Free Predators Screensaver was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on January 4th, 2013
Free Predators Screensaver