Green Relax Screensaver2.2

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You can use this fun and intuitive screensaver to decorate your desktop whenever you just want to relax and take your mind off work

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Green Relax Screensaver is a fun piece of software functioning as a desktop animation that you can use to hide your activities when you leave your computer, but which you can also used to unwind during work breaks.

You need to pay attention during the installation process, as you will be offered to download and install third-party programs that the screensaver does not need in order to function properly. As such, you can decide whether to accept or skip them, after which the process will unfold as normal.

Green Relax Screensaver can be accessed from the 'Personalise' section of your Windows context menu, where you can preview it by clicking on the assigned button.

The animation it displays features a few daisies and flickering candles, which can prove quite handy when you want to create a romantic atmosphere, even if you do not have the proper elements.

The screensaver allows you to configure several preferences concerning its running, for instance you can choose whether to stretch the background image when it is rendered on a bigger screen.

Also, Green Relax Screensaver features several 'Display Settings' which you can customize, like the hardware 3D rendering, or the 'Display Mode' (enabling you to choose between 'Automatic', '800 by 600, 32 bit color', '1174 by 871, 32 bit color' and others). At the same time, the tool lets you modify the 'Sound Settings' by adjusting the audio volume, or you can mute it altogether.

To conclude, Green Relax Screensaver is an useful utility that allows you to decorate your computer desktop with a simple and romantic-looking animation.

Green Relax Screensaver was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on January 29th, 2014
Green Relax Screensaver - Green Relax Screensaver is a fun animation that you can use to decorate your desktopGreen Relax Screensaver - The dedicated window enables you to stretch the background image or adjust the display and sound settingsGreen Relax Screensaver - In the Display Settings window, you can disable hardware 3D rendering and choose the view modeGreen Relax Screensaver - screenshot #4