Hindu Gods Screensaver EV

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A great image slideshow for your computer screen.

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Hindu Gods Screensaver EV is represented by an image slideshow which depicts Laos, the Eastern Asian country. It can be easily set up, even by less experienced users.

After a brief and uncomplicated installation process, the app is automatically applied as your default screensaver. Accessing the Settings area reveals a few configuration options.

Therefore, you can set the image duration for each item, pick the item order between sequential and random mode, as well as make Hindu Gods Screensaver EV start the picture sequence by "painting" the desktop with the first image.

Furthermore, it is possible to choose which effects to be used in the slideshow (e.g. slide from up left, slide from right, crossfade, fade unfold from top) and to adjust their speed. Plus, you can attach a soundtrack to the screensaver and edit the playlist, as well as enable repeat or shuffle mode.

The simple-to-use application is low-demanding regarding the CPU and system memory, so it does not interfere with other currently active processes. It has a good response time and did not hang, crash or display error dialogs in our tests.

The screensaver has not been updated for a pretty long time. Nonetheless, thanks to its intuitive layout and overall simplicity, Hindu Gods Screensaver EV can be used by individuals of any experience level.

Hindu Gods Screensaver EV was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on April 3rd, 2013
Hindu Gods Screensaver EV - This is one of the images displayed by Hindu Gods Screensaver EV.Hindu Gods Screensaver EV - You can use this window when you want to change several default settings of the application.