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A cool 3D starfield screensaver

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Lightspeed Screen Saver is a tool that comes packed with several screensavers to be applied to your desktop. They are all inspired by the outer space. It can be easily installed and configured, even by less experienced users.

Once installed, the app is automatically applied as you default screensaver. By accessing the 'Settings' screen in the display properties area, you can change the screensaver style to any option from the drop-down list, such as 'Nebula', 'Orb', 'Planet Flight', 'Vortex' and 'Mars Crash'.

In addition, you can configure global settings when it comes to the speed (frames per second), resolution, LCD display, module sequencing, screen size (e.g. cover multiple monitors) and sound (e.g. disable the rumble).

Furthermore, you can completely customize movement and other aspects within the screensaver, by adjusting parameters for the angle, glide, scale, range, thresh, tail, pixel, line, rotation, position, brightness and cycle, just to name a few.

The screensaver puts little strain on the computer's resources, since it uses a low amount of system memory and CPU. It didn't freeze, crash or pop up error dialogs during our tests. However, Lightspeed Screen Saver has not been recently updated; the animation doesn't run smoothly on newer operating systems. But advanced users may enjoy fiddling with the wide range of options provided by the screensaver.

Lightspeed Screen Saver was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on January 29th, 2013
Lightspeed Screen Saver - Lightspeed Screen Saver will balst immersive virtual worlds to your screen with unprecedented flexibility and creativityLightspeed Screen Saver - Users will be able to access options such as Follow, Depth, Short Z, Thrust, Angle, Glide, Rotation or Position from the settings panelLightspeed Screen Saver - The Module window will provide users with a wide selection of animations such as Ascent, Galaxy, Hyper-Cluster or LunarLightspeed Screen Saver - You can cahange the Speed, Resolution, LCD Display, Screen Size, Module Sequencing or Sound within the Global Settings window