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A simple and easy to use utility functioning as a desktop screensaver that can remind you of the London Olympic Games while also telling you the time

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London 2012 Olympics Screensaver is a user-friendly piece of software whose main purpose is to decorate your computer desktop every time you are taking a break from work.

The application is fairly simple to install, but it is advisable that you pay attention during the entire process, as you will also be offered to install several third party utilities which London 2012 Olympics Screensaver does not need in order to function properly.

You can accept or decline the offers, after which the installation will proceed as normal, allowing you to enjoy the images displayed by this tool on your PC.

When it becomes active, London 2012 Olympics Screensaver will display the current hour on the desktop, taking the information from the date and time you have set in Windows.

The background image for this application features the London Bridge, in a photo taken at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games, when the logo of the Olympics was hanging from it.

Additionally, London 2012 Olympics Screensaver features a set of 'Options', which you can adjust to better suit your needs, enabling you to set the preferred image quality, with several levels to choose from, such as 'Low', 'Medium', 'High', 'Best' and a few others.

If you were a fan of the London Olympics and wish to remember those moments, you can use this fun screensaver, which lets you tell the time without having to deactivate it. Moreover, it serves a double purpose, as it can easily hide your desktop whenever you need to leave your computer, preventing those close to you from peeking at your open documents.

To summarize, London 2012 Olympics Screensaver is an interesting tool that you can use to display images of the Olympics, while also masking your desktop.

London 2012 Olympics Screensaver was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on February 18th, 2014
London 2012 Olympics Screensaver - The Options window of the application allows you to adjust the image quality to the preferred levelLondon 2012 Olympics Screensaver - London 2012 Olympics Screensaver is a fun tool that you can use to decorate your desktop