Matrix Trilogy 3D Code Screensaver

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The Matrix Trilogy 3D Code Screensaver is an interesting 3D screensaver inspired by the Matrix movies. Once the application is installed, you can access it from the Windows screensaver settings. Here you can preview it, apply it, or change its settings.

The Settings interface doesn't have the most inspired design but it is, nonetheless, quite straightforward. The text and background have a rather strident color scheme and, at first glance, some users would be tempted to immediately close it.

You can have several modules from the same developer simultaneously installed, and you can set them to randomly appear, at regular time intervals.

Additionally, you can set the CPU priority (low, below normal, or normal), enable the screensaver to be displayed only on the primary monitor, show countdown with a specific message (as well as countdown date), and select the countdown color.

If you access the module's settings, you can choose to display a clock (in 12-hour or 24-hour mode) and adjust its size, enable 2D mode (with optional 2D shaded lines) or 3D mode (with optional 3D code rotations), activate mouse controlled rotations, or use the desktop as background.

Furthermore, you can adjust the glyph size, line density, fall speed, forward and back speed, picture delay, and picture scale, as well as configure the normal, highlight and background color. In addition, you can customize the sound effects.

The screensaver itself moved rather slowly on our test computers. Nevertheless, we have to appreciate the fact that it can be customized in many ways, and that system memory is minimally used.

All in all, The Matrix Trilogy 3D Code Screensaver has a very nice concept behind it, but it may not work perfectly even on newer computers.

Matrix Trilogy 3D Code Screensaver was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on November 15th, 2012
Matrix Trilogy 3D Code Screensaver - You can view and analyze the Matrix code every time your monitor goes idle.Matrix Trilogy 3D Code Screensaver - The Settings window of the software can be used to activate the clock and set the glyph size.

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