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This screensaver offers a simulation of the radar's display in operation






Radar Screensaver is attractive and helpful screen protection software. It helps to prevent burn-out of the phosphor inside CRT monitors. Perhaps more important, it is beautiful and entertaining.

Radar Screensaver is a desktop tool that brings on your desktop radar images.

You will be able to configure Radar Screensaver many ways to provide you many hours of enjoyment. As with other screen savers, when your computer is idle for some time Radar Screensaver will show an animation.

This will be a simulation of the radar's display in operation.


■ Adjustable speed of rotation (50-300 turns per hour)
■ Air traffic intensity (1-100 objects simultaneously)
■ Noise from relief and clouds
■ Special "sector displays" to see the ray in perpendicular direction
■ Adjustable colors of ray and grid
■ Color cycling mode - eliminates static elements, and provides very impressive animation
■ Adjustable animation smoothness (1-100 frames per second)
■ Selectable screen resolution and color depth
■ Easy translation to other languages


■ Pentium III 600 MHz or higher
■ 128Mb RAM or more
■ OpenGL 3D Graphics card with 32Mb RAM or more
■ About 7Mb free hard drive space


■ Nag screen
■ 21 days trial period
■ Anyone may use this software for evaluation purposes within a limit of 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, the screensaver will show a grayscale animation with occasional reminder messages
Last updated on June 28th, 2008
Radar Screensaver - This is one of the numerous images that Radar Screensaver will display on your screen during the breaks.Radar Screensaver - The Configuration window is the place where you will be able to adjust the traffic intensity and the rotation speed.Radar Screensaver - Radar Screensaver offers you the possibility to display a custom message when the screensaver is running.Radar Screensaver - The Display tab will allow you to adjust the animation smoothness as well as the video mode.