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A beautiful screensaver that is bound to be appreciated by all the people who enjoy watching Spiderman movies or reading the comics

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Spider-Man is undoubtedly one of the popular characters to be featured in Marvel comics, and the numerous films dedicated to him are proof of this, as well as the box-office success of each and every one of them.

Additionally, there is a lot of third-party content related to Spider-Man, no matter if it is distributed via the Internet or in shops. For example, Spidy's Web Screensaver falls in the former category and you can have it on your computer within seconds.

A handy screensaver for all Spider-Man aficionados

It goes without saying that you first need to download and install this application to your computer, then set it as the default screensaver and specify when it should be launched (i.e. for how many minutes should your PC be idle before it kicks in).

This way, every time you decide to take a break from work and leave your desk, your colleagues or relatives can get a glimpse of your favorite comic-book character.

Get a stylish clock integrated in your screensaver

Once you activate the screensaver, the logo of Spider-Man flashes on your screen and his web is displayed, in all its glory.

Additionally, Spidy's Web Screensaver also comes with a built-in clock whose font is carefully stylized to match the web - this way, you get to view the time without needing to interrupt the screensaver.

Admire Spidey’s web on your computer screen

All in all, Spidy's Web Screensaver can prove to be a nice way to beautify your computer whenever you are not currently working on your assignments.

The displayed web also borrows the color of your Start Screen if you are running Windows 8 or higher, not to mention that you get to benefit from an embedded clock as well.

Spidy's Web Screensaver was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on May 23rd, 2014
Spidy's Web Screensaver