Digital Talking Parrot

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Funny & smart interactive screensaver depicting a virtual parrot that can talk, laugh, sing and reproduce the words that you want

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Digital Talking Parrot is an interactive screensaver that displays a friendly parrot that talks, sings and mimics your words in a funny voice.

The market doesn’t fall short of screensavers, but having your computer talk during idle mode in a parrot voice is a little out of the ordinary, amongst this software category. Therefore, it’s tempting enough to try it out.

The parrot brought by this screensaver is special, you can learn it new words, as well as to imitate human sounds. In other words, the virtual pet will give anyone the impression that there’s an actual parrot in the room.

Following a quick installation process, you can start getting used to your new pet. The configuration of the parrot’s behavior can be achieved directly from the application’s main window.

The three main sections that you can customize are the background image, the pet’s vocabulary and a few speech options. As far as the first of the enumeration is concerned, you’ve got five different images to choose from including a waterfall, a lake and a wind scene.

The richest section is however, the vocabulary; here, you’ll find a few built-in sounds that the parrot can reproduce, but you can also record various words and sentences for it to imitate.

Additionally, you can use the Speech options to adjust parameters such as pitch level, vibrate period and level to make its voice even funnier.

Once you’re done adjusting its behavior, you can launch the screensaver and have a good laugh at the sounds mimicked by the pet. If, at any point, it becomes annoying, you can shut it up by turning off the speakers, being able to enjoy only the background.

All in all, this is an entertaining screensaver. The virtual pert can be a source of fun for you and your friends and it could make your day when nothing else can.

Digital Talking Parrot was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 23rd, 2013
Digital Talking Parrot - AV Digital Talking Parrot will provide suers with a funny and smart parrot that can talk, laugh and even singDigital Talking Parrot - The Edit menu will provide users with Background, Vocabulary or Speech optionsDigital Talking Parrot - Users will be able to access options such as Zoom 100% or Full screen mode from the View menuDigital Talking ParrotDigital Talking ParrotDigital Talking Parrot

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