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Enjoy a Windows 7 inspired screensaver on your home PC

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Win7 Flash Screensaver is yet another screensaver with a theme based on Windows 7. It can help you add an extra touch to your computer by making your desktop more dynamic.

During installation, you can set Win7 Flash Screensaver as the default screensaver of your system. It can be accessed by either running its executable file or by opening the “Screen Saver Settings” area.

Unlike other similar apps, this screensaver does not include pictures in its animation; Win7 Flash Screensaver contains only two slides with two captions (the slides have a black background).

Furthermore, the tool supposedly has sound incorporated but this feature was not available throughout our testing. From the "Settings" area you can mute sound and enable support on multiple monitors.

Unfortunately, Win7 Flash Screensaver does not come with many features. The tool does not contain images or transitions; text is displayed one letter at a time via a Flash effect (the app does not allow you to switch through multiple effects).

Win7 Flash Screensaver does not put a strain on the computer when it comes to the system CPU and memory. Nevertheless, the screensaver is not impressive. But we must keep in mind the fact that Win7 Flash Screensaver has not received updates for some time.

Win7 Flash Screensaver was reviewed by Elena Opris
Last updated on December 10th, 2012
Win7 Flash Screensaver - This is how the Win7 Flash Screensaver will be displayed onto your desktop if you install and activate it.

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