Windows 7 Screensaver1.0

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A screensaver for your desktop that can help you create a slideshow of Windows 7 related images quickly and with minimum effort. You can repeat slides and apply random effects

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If you are one of those users who is constantly looking for a tool that is able to enhance the screen activity, then you can use Windows 7 Screensaver for helping you create a slideshow of Windows 7 related images.

Once you have installed the application, it is placed in the Windows screensaver menu, thus allowing you to set it as the default screensaver, and change various settings. The user interface is really simple and enables you to set up a lot of options pretty quickly. You can make Windows 7 Screensaver hide the mouse cursor during the presentation, repeat slides, or apply random effects.

It is also possible to make the program display a digital clock, and customize its appearance by changing the size, format and color. You may also show a slide number while running the screen saver.

Hotkeys are also available, but they cannot be reassigned. You cannot enable an audio background for Windows 7 Screensaver, nor pick the images that you want to be included in your slideshow.

During our testing we have noticed that this cross-platform utility manages to display the slideshows quickly and without errors.

To sum things up, Windows 7 Screensaver is a simple application that can help you create slideshows on your desktop quickly and easily. It doesn’t take a lot of time to get used to working with this tool, and it surely appeals even to less experienced users.

Windows 7 Screensaver was reviewed by Ana Marculescu
Last updated on July 6th, 2013
Windows 7 Screensaver - This is how your desktop will look like while Windows 7 Screensaver is on.Windows 7 Screensaver - The settings window will help you adjust the application to your needs.