Windows XP Themes Screensaver1.04

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This is a fancy XP themes screensaver that will personalize your PC.

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Customizing the way your computer looks starts with the basic wallpaper and screensaver. The Windows XP Themes Screensaver is a tool that brings to your desktop several images of one of the most successful Microsoft operating systems.

The app can easily be installed and customized through the traditional Screen Saver menu. The image pack contains numerous XP themed pictures, as well as some renditions of the Windows logo.

Windows XP Themes Screensaver comes with quite a few customization options. Just like with other similar tools, these can be accessed through the “Settings” button from the Screensaver menu.

You can adjust the number of seconds elapsed before the picture is changed, as well as the item order. The pictures can be displayed sequentially, randomly or in mixed order.

Also, the item size is adjustable. The images can be resized to fit the screen while maintaining the aspect ratio, stretched to fit the screen or kept unchanged.

This screensaver also comes with a few effects for your photos that resemble the ones from slideshows. The app comes with an extensive list of transitions, which can be previewed in a little icon. You can select as many as you want by simply ticking the checkboxes.

While running the screensaver, it’s also possible to listen to music. You can either opt for the default sounds or create your own playlist. The app supports various audio formats, such as MID, MP3, WMA and WAV. Furthermore, some adjustments can be made for the playlist: you can put the songs on repeat, shuffle the item order or select and play only one song.

Another customization option regards the exit conditions for the screensaver. While most similar programs stop working once you’ve moved the mouse or pressed a button on your keyboard, you can set Windows XP Themes Screensaver to exit only when the ESC key is pushed.

All in all, Windows XP Themes Screensaver is a tool with some great features. Installing and customizing this app is easy, so anyone should be able to do it, no matter what their level of experience is.

Windows XP Themes Screensaver was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on December 21st, 2012
Windows XP Themes Screensaver - The Settings window is the place where you can adjust the display time for each image and the item order.Windows XP Themes Screensaver - The Position tab allows you to specify the image size and the position, according to your preferences.Windows XP Themes Screensaver - This is one of the numerous images that will be displayed on your computer screen during breaks.