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Get the weather forecast, find out temperatures, wind speed, humidity and pressure for any location in the world, moving in time to the day of your choice

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YoWindow is an advanced Windows application that shows the weather forecast for any location you choose, alongside a beautiful animated landscape that changes depending on the weather conditions.

There are multiple landscapes to choose from, such as village, seaside, airport, oriental and sky, but you can also use your very own photos, which brings the whole application even closer to reality.

The main window of the program is actually the landscape we were talking about together with weather details, such as current temperature, wind information, pressure and humidity. Plus, it shows the forecast for the next couple of days, while also tracking the weather development to change both the displayed information and the landscape accordingly.

Also capable of running in full screen, YoWindow provides a comprehensive settings menu that comes with options for every single feature of the app, such as locations, landscapes, units and weather.

YoWindow can also play the role of a screensaver, although we've noticed a moderate CPU usage while it's being used in this regard, with dedicated options to close it when mouse movement is detected.

Other than that, YoWindow is definitely a catchy piece of software, but it's recommended to pay attention to installation, as it also attempts to drop some unnecessary applications on your computer.

But overall, it's obvious this is a very interesting program and the fact that it's free makes it twice better. Plus, it runs just fine on all Windows versions and doesn't seem to have a negative impact on system performance.

YoWindow was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on August 28th, 2015
YoWindow - At first launch, YoWindow enables you to choose the location you want to read weather data for or add a new location to its database.YoWindow - YoWindow displays information regarding the weather conditions, such as temperature, wind speed and pressure.YoWindow - From the 'View' menu of YoWindow you can easily activate the full screen mode or update the weather data.YoWindowYoWindowYoWindowYoWindowYoWindowYoWindowYoWindowYoWindowYoWindowYoWindowYoWindowYoWindow