Alienware Skin Pack

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Customize the look and feel of your Windows operating system with the help of this Alienware-mimicking theme, that changes your entire PC's appearance

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Alienware is a well-known name in the performance PC market and the special computers and laptops they design are made with a single purpose in mind, that of delivering the ultimate gaming experience through the most advanced technology.

Since everything is customized on the inside and on the outside of such a system, the visual elements are also specific and quiet appealing for many users. For this reason, a dedicated collection of graphics called Alienware Skin Pack is available for you to use and enhance the appearance of your computer.

The installation procedure is quiet straightforward, but you should note that a restart is required for the changes to come into effect, therefore it's advisable to save all your work prior to running the setup program.

With Alienware Skin Pack installed on your computer, you will be able to enjoy a new theme, with custom window borders for your running applications. The graphical elements are easy to tweak and you can add and configure shadow effects, menu and taskbar appearance as well.

The package also brings a new dock that is specific to Alienware systems. You can change its looks and placement, make it hide automatically and appear after hovering the mouse to the screen edge near to the dock's location and more. Icons that are displayed inside the Alienware Dock have custom size and you can add a beautiful glow effect to each of them.

With a splendid wallpaper and inspired visuals for windows and menus, this customization bundle offers a unique experience. Thanks to the dedicated dock, Alienware Skin Pack goes beyond a mere theme change for Windows and brings the ultimate experience when it comes to making the PC at least look if not work like a high-performance Alienware system.

Alienware Skin Pack was reviewed by Olivian Puha
Last updated on August 11th, 2015
Alienware Skin Pack - Alienware Skin Pack is a handy utility that enables you to change the appearance of your desktopAlienware Skin Pack - You can use the same programs as before, as it is only their looks that will be modifiedAlienware Skin Pack - Along with the colors, shapes and sizes of windows, the tool also changes the system iconsAlienware Skin Pack - screenshot #4Alienware Skin Pack - screenshot #5Alienware Skin Pack - screenshot #6Alienware Skin Pack - screenshot #7

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