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Improve the looks of the operating system shell by applying a custom theme and a set of new icons for certain Microsoft programs

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Sooner or later, most users become bored with the same look of the operating system and visual adjustments are bound to appear in time.

Longhorn Skin Pack does not offer a radical change to Windows’ aesthetics but it does refresh the environment by altering some graphical details, especially on the editions that have the Aero feature enabled.

Getting the product on the system is fairly simple, although you should keep an eye on the process because it may offer to install additional software that is not absolutely necessary.

Freshen up the OS look

Basically, what Longhorn Skin Pack is patch specific resources in the operating system so that third-party visuals can be applied. The changes affect the file manager as well as the Start button and the icons of some programs.

You do not have to worry about Windows Explorer’s functionality being crippled because Longhorn Skin Pack does not affect it; for some users the modification may even improve performance as the product shows the drive or folder details in the upper part of the screen.

Furthermore, users should notice that the folder icons are also changed, together with the start button.

Additional modifications touch on the image for the desktop background and the logon panel in Windows. Both of them are replaced by the developer’s own version, which looks pretty good.


Once Longhorn Skin Pack there is nothing to be tweaked. Windows’ file manager, the logo screen and the desktop image are automatically changed; also, some icons are replaced with the new ones in the package, which should add to a better looking shell.

After installation it is recommended to restart the operating system for all the changes to take effect. Reverting to the initial look is not be a tough job as the product can be uninstalled using the default solution in the operating system.

Longhorn Skin Pack was reviewed by Ionut Ilascu
Last updated on March 31st, 2014
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