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Vista Customization Pack will transform your Windows XP Sp2 to Vista easily!

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All Windows XP users have tried at a certain point to customize the looks of their operating system, be it by replacing icons or by going so far as to apply it a completely different interface. Vista Customization Pack is one the numerous tools that can be used to dress up one's Windows XP to make it resemble Vista without taking away any of the functionality of XP.

As it is always the case with these applications, it is recommended to create a restore point before starting the actual installation, as this kind of software can sometimes break down Windows while modifying some system files.

When installing Vista Customization Pack users will need to choose the type of setup they prefer: the full one or the 'Goodies Only' one, which installs only the minimum required options. Even when the Full mode is selected, users are still offered with the choice of specifying the interface style they like best, then apply it.

Even without any thorough PC skills, users can select the wallpaper and screensaver they prefer, then preview several window styles and color schemes until they find the one that suits them best. It should be mentioned that these settings can be easily modified at a later time, if the user is no longer satisfied with them.

Vista Customization Pack can change basically everything, but if the user wishes to implement only a part of Vista’s features, they can do so easily straight from the customization window. Truth is, to get a more genuine Vista experience, one should really apply them all, but if the computer get slowed down, some of them can be disabled.

Something worth mentioning is that Vista Customization Pack does not change all Windows features, as in 100 percent, because after installation users may notice several areas that retain their original XP look.

All in all, Vista Customization Pack is a nice way to have a taste of the attractive Vista look, but the best way to experiment with the features included in this OS is to install it.

Vista Customization Pack was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on February 1st, 2012
Vista Customization PackVista Customization Pack

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