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Use this piece of software to change the background of your computer, search for a new theme and apply it, replace the logon screen and more

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Theme Manager is an application designed to help you customize the themes on your computer as well as download and install new ones. With it you are able to swap between existing themes, install new ones in a simple manner, apply different styles for them, set a wallpaper or pick system sounds.

Download and open themes

The application comes with a built-in web browser that allows you to explore Microsoft’s website in order to search for additional themes and download them. Getting them from the website should pose no problem for anyone since you download them with a simple click and they end up on your computer in a couple of seconds.

After a theme is available, you can use Theme Manager to open an apply it to your operating system. Though this is not really necessary. Once your theme pack is downloaded, you can simply double click it and it is automatically installed.

Change wallpapers and screensavers

Theme Manager enables you to change wallpapers just as you do with themes only without the downloading part. Setting a new wallpaper comes down to searching for the image on your computer and using the application to opening it.

It seems simple enough but then again, it’s really not all that different from looking for the image using Windows Explorer, right-clicking the image once its found and from the context menu choosing to set it as a wallpaper. Theme Manager doesn’t even save the location of the source image so every time you want to load a new background, you’ll have to browse your computer again which is not all that efficient.

As for the screensaver and sound effects sections of the manager, the buttons provided in the main window are simply shortcuts to the Windows settings for them, meaning that the manager doesn’t really manage, it’s more of a middle-man.


All-in-all, Theme Manager is a handy tool for novice Windows users who can’t really handle accessing system settings and changing the theme, wallpaper, style, etc although the ‘Personalization’ section is one right-click away.

Theme Manager was reviewed by Alexandru Chirila
Last updated on June 18th, 2014
Theme Manager - Theme Manager enables you to manage themes on your Windows OS, apply various styles and wallpapers.Theme Manager - Accessing the Theme settings tab, you can select to load a new wallpaper or apply a new theme.Theme Manager - From the Windows personalization gallery, the user can access themes proposed by Microsoft.Theme Manager - screenshot #4

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