Animated Rain Wallpaper

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Brings the rain on your desktop

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Rainy days have their own charm, especially if you spend them in the comfort of your home. Animated Rain Wallpaper is a tool that can help bring raindrops to the desktop.

The app doesn’t change any of your settings regarding the background image or the theme, but simply adds falling raindrops to the screen. These follow a random path, so it makes it seem real.

The software covers the entire desktop, unlike some other similar tools that rely on a certain resolution to work. Thus, no matter how big the screen is, the program should be able to display properly.

While other applications are active, the animation isn’t visible. So, it only “rains” when you’re watching the desktop and not when you’re playing or browsing the Internet.

Animated Rain Wallpaper “hides” in the task bar immediately after you fire it up. By right-clicking on the app’s icon, you can access a brief menu. Thus, you can pause the rain whenever you want, without having to close the program. Alternatively, this menu can be used to stop the app altogether.

While installing this software, make sure you pay attention to all prompts and don’t just press “Next” until the end. The app might request you install another program and change the browsing settings (home page, default search engine etc.)

All in all, Animated Rain Wallpaper is a nice way to refresh the way your desktop looks. The tool is easy to install, so inexperienced users should have no trouble figuring out how to work with it.

Animated Rain Wallpaper was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on December 17th, 2012
Animated Rain Wallpaper - Animated Rain Wallpaper will bring the look and feel of the rain on your desktop.

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