Animated Starfield Desktop Wallpaper2.0.0

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Relaxing animated desktop wallpaper

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Gazing into the stars is a relaxing activity and you can always find a new spot to love while doing so. Animated Starfield Desktop Wallpaper is a nice tool that can bring the beauty of the outer space straight to the desktop.

The program has a simple interface and is quite easy to figure out.

The wallpaper takes over the screen by replacing the default image. As suggested by the name of the app, the wallpaper is animated, simulating a flight through space. It blends together several shades of blue and purple while the particles of light (faded white dots) pass around you.

The tool can easily be paused from the context menu of the icon in the system tray. Doing this stops the activity and lets you view only the beautiful base image.

Also, exiting the utility can be done from the aforementioned right-click menu. Unlike other animated wallpapers, this one doesn’t put a strain on the computer’s resources.

While installing, you must make sure to pay attention to all the steps along the way, as you may end up with third-party apps that you don’t want on the computer.

The bottom line is that Animated Starfield Desktop Wallpaper is a great tool if you want to bring something new to the screen of your computer. Inexperienced individuals shouldn’t have any problems while installing and working with this app, thanks to its overall simplicity and the intuitive interface.

Animated Starfield Desktop Wallpaper was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on June 12th, 2013
Animated Starfield Desktop Wallpaper - Animated Starfield Desktop Wallpaper replaces any usual static image with a relaxing outer space animation placed on your desktop