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A simple and easy-to-use piece of software that can turn static desktop pictures into amazing water dropping animated wallpapers

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Watching water drops slowly descending on the window can be quite nice, especially if you’re inside the house, keeping warm. Animated Water Drop Desktop Wallpaper is a tool that was created to emulate these slowly falling rain drops.

The program comes with a clean interface that shouldn’t be difficult to work with.

As the name suggests, these animated water drops cover the entire screen, without replacing the original wallpaper. However, it works on top of it, with water drops of all sizes making their way to the bottom of the screen. These go over all the icons on the screen, but they don’t overlap with any opened apps. Thus, the water drops don’t interfere with your work.

Thus, if you pair this animation with a wallpaper that represents a rainy day, they should be a perfect match.

New ones appear all the time, so you shouldn’t worry that the screen is left bare. If you want, the program can be paused at any time from the right-click menu and resumed in the same manner.

While installing this program, make sure to pay attention to each step so you don’t end up with third-party apps that you don’t want or with web browser changes.

The bottom line is that Animated Water Drop Desktop Wallpaper is a nice tool that can bring the melancholic rainy days to the screen of your computer. Inexperienced individuals shouldn’t have any troubles while installing and customizing this program, thanks to the intuitive interface and the app’s overall simplicity.

Animated Water Drop Desktop Wallpaper was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on February 13th, 2013
Animated Water Drop Desktop Wallpaper - You can customize your desktop wallpaper and view animated pearl-shaped water drops