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Bugatti Veyron exotic car based Windows 7 Theme

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Car enthusiasts from all the corners of the world admire the Bugatti Veyron, one of the fastest automobiles in the world. With a nine-digit price-tag, the closest most of us can come to such a car is through pictures.

Bugatti Veyron Windows 7 Theme is a pack of wallpapers that should satisfy all the car’s fans.

There are ten different images in the pack, most presenting the car speeding down the road. The wallpapers have a high-resolution, which means they should fit well into all desktops, no matter what the size of your screen is.

The app can be customized through the Windows desktop background menu. Thus, you can choose to display only some of the ten available pictures. By default, all the images are included in the slideshow, but this can be modified by simply ticking the checkboxes next to each thumbnail.

Additionally, the images can be randomized by enabling the “Shuffle” option, which can be done from the aforementioned menu.

Furthermore, the pictures’ position is adjustable, so you can pick “center”, “tile”, “stretch”, “fill” and “fit”. Thanks to the large resolution of the included pictures, they should all fit well on your screen, and even if the image needs to stretch to cover the entire area, the quality should remain unchanged.

You can also modify the amount of time required for the pictures to change. Windows provides a few preset values, varying from a minimum of ten seconds and going up to an entire day.

All in all, Bugatti Veyron Windows 7 Theme is a nice addition to your computer. Inexperienced users should be able to easily figure out how to install and customize the app.

Bugatti Veyron Windows 7 Theme was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on January 14th, 2013
Bugatti Veyron Windows 7 Theme - Bugatti Veyron Windows 7 Theme will bring ten high definition background images to your desktopBugatti Veyron Windows 7 Theme - Users will be able to choose from ten wonderful wallpapers for their desktop background