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An impressive collection of photographs depicting a wide range of cities from all over the world, each with its most beautiful attractions

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Travelling across the world enables you to meet great people and discover amazing places, no matter if they were created by nature or by modern technology. If you cannot afford travelling abroad on a regular basis, chances are you still do not know how beautiful some countries and cities are. However, you can install Community Showcase: Cityscapes Theme and have a look at some great places throughout the world without even leaving your desk.

The theme can be installed on all computers running Windows 7, 8 or 8.1, and you simply need to download and double-click the installer to have it up and running on your PC.

The default desktop wallpaper will automatically be replaced with one of the many pictures depicting a great cityscape from the US, Belgium, New Zealand, Portugal, France, Russia, UK, China, Germany and Canada.

These photographs captured by the community depict a wide range of scenery, varying from impressive skyscrapers, harbors, bridges and castles to the London Eye and centuries-old gargoyles and other types of statues.

If you want to make sure you get to admire all these images throughout the day, you can adjust the rotation interval from a few seconds to a few minutes or hours, so as to get to view all of them as your desktop background.

Furthermore, Community Showcase: Cityscapes Theme also changes the default color of the taskbar and the window titlebars, so as to make them match the wallpapers and obtain a harmonious result.

All in all, this theme can surely beautify the look of your desktop, while also providing you with suggestions for your next holiday destination. It can also put a smile on your face, when you get to realize how many great places there are in the world.

Community Showcase: Cityscapes Theme was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on February 8th, 2014
Community Showcase: Cityscapes Theme - The theme automatically replaces your desktop background image with a custom one depicting a cityscape