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Windows 7 might have garnered a lot of positive reviews since its launch, but there is no denying that XP remains one of the most popular operating systems released by Microsoft. There are still countless persons worldwide who use it on a daily basis, and those who like personalizing its appearance might enjoy ForeverBlue XP Theme.

When users want to apply a new theme on their XP computer, they only need to right-click on their desktop and choose the Properties entry within the displayed menu. This way, multiple themes can be installed on the same system, and each can be applied depending on the user's mood.

As it is mentioned from the first window of the installer, ForeverBlue theme is for personal use only, meaning that its developer does not allow it to be used within a commercial environment such as an office or a company.

Home users, however, can fully appreciate the new wallpaper and desktop icons that are installed on their PC once ForeverBlue XP Theme is applied. The overall look of the computer should reflect the personality of its user so the wallpaper can be replaced with another one with ease. The Start Menu also gets a bluish tint, to match the rest of the customizations installed by ForeverBlue.

It needs to be mentioned that not all the icons are modified and replaced with custom ones when ForeverBlue is applied. The familiar icons are retained throughout most of the computer and only the 'Recycle Bin' and 'My Computer' ones get the facelift.

In addition to the modifications it brings to the graphical appearance of the PC, this theme also changes the sound scheme so that each action is now be accompanied by a brand new tune.

Some users might be satisfied with the way XP looks, but those who are not can install third-party themes like ForeverBlue and personalize the OS until the fonts, sounds, icons and the wallpaper form a harmonious design.

ForeverBlue XP Theme was reviewed by Giorgiana Arghire
Last updated on November 30th, 2011
ForeverBlue XP ThemeForeverBlue XP Theme

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