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Brand-new theme from Microsoft created in association with BBC and the Discovery Channel

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The animals and plants found on land and in the oceans are so beautiful that we can’t help but be amazed whenever we see them. Life Windows 7 Theme is a pack of wallpapers created by Microsoft in association with BBC and the Discovery Channel.

There are five high-definition images included that depict various animals and amazing spots around the globe, proving that life can really survive in the harshest environments.

Thus, you can watch a tiny lizard make its way across a sandy desert, a Dragon’s Blood tree with its “upside-down umbrella” crown, or dozens of penguins on the ocean’s shore. Further down into the blue waters, you can also view a clownfish along anemones or starfish and sea urchins on the bottom of the ocean.

The images are colorful and vivid; they are each marked with the theme name and the Discovery Channel logo. They are all in high resolution, so they should fit all screens perfectly, no matter what size they are.

Life Windows 7 Theme can be customized with the help of the Windows desktop background menu. Thus, all five images can be displayed, or you can pick only some of them by ticking the checkboxes next to each picture.

Furthermore, you can randomize the order they appear in by enabling the “Shuffle” option. Additionally, the time it takes for the images to change can also be modified to any of the preset values; these vary from ten seconds and go up to an entire day.

The position of the wallpapers is also easy to modify to any of the available options (center, tile, stretch, fit and fill). Additionally, the theme also changes the window color, turning it to a sandy shade.

All in all, Life Windows 7 Theme is a great-looking tool that can enhance the way your desktop looks. Inexperienced users should find the theme easy to install and customize.

LIFE Windows 7 Theme was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on January 7th, 2013
LIFE Windows 7 Theme - The latest theme from Microsoft, called Life, is created in association with the Discovery Channel and brings to your desktop a variety of nature pictures.

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