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free Christmas desktop theme with a wallpaper, animated cursors, icons, sounds and a 3D screensaver

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Microsoft ChristmasTheme is a desktop enhancement designed for the users of Windows XP that want to get into the Christmas spirit. The theme changes the aspect of your working space and helps you welcome the incoming holidays.

You can personalize your desktop by changing the wallpaper but this theme allows you to completely change your desktop. The theme includes a wallpaper, a 3D screen saver and new icons for the default desktop items.

The screen saver included in the theme features Christmas images that help you personalize your desktop even when you are not active. The resolution of the screen saver can be adjusted for high resolution monitors and you can enable the music in order to create a holiday environment in your office.

Unfortunately, the wallpaper provided in the package makes it hard for you to read the name of the icons displayed on the monitor, especially near the top of the workspace. You can overcome this issue by changing the text color to black or by moving the icons to a darker area.

The image of Santa Claus can always be with you with the new animated mouse cursor. Although it has an irregular shape, the cursor is quite accurate. Unfortunately, it does not preserve the same image when you select a link while browsing the Internet.

This Christmas Theme can be installed in just a few seconds and allows you to welcome the winter holidays to your computer desktop.

Microsoft ChristmasTheme 2004 was reviewed by Sorin Cirneala
Last updated on June 29th, 2012
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