NASA Hidden Universe Windows 7 Theme

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A universe filled with colors from NASA

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If you’re passionate about astronomy, you’ve surely encountered a few space pictures that took your breath away. NASA Hidden Universe Windows 7 Theme is a pack of wallpapers that can do just that.

The theme includes fourteen different pictures of suns, constellations and galaxies, each mesmerizing on its own, thanks to their spectacular colors. These range from deep red, to vivid blue, yellow and green shades.

If you don’t want to display some of the images, the checkboxes next to each thumbnail can simply be cleared. Also, the images can be viewed in a random order if you enable the “Shuffle” option from the Desktop background menu.

The pictures come in high resolution, which means they can fit well on all screens, no matter what their size is. You can choose any of the available positions, such as “Center”, “Tile”, “Stretch”, “Fill” and “Fit”. However, the first two options might not change the way the wallpapers are displayed, unless the screen is very large.

Also, Windows enables you to set the time it takes for the images to change. The preset values start at ten seconds and climb up to 24 hours.

The theme also comes with a Window color. Unlike other similar apps that display custom hue levels, this one comes with “Slate”, a preset shade of grey.

All in all, NASA Hidden Universe Windows 7 Theme is an interesting pack of wallpapers that can surely make you lose at least a few minutes admiring each picture. While this theme pack can make you appreciate the size of the Universe, it can also make you feel incredibly small.

NASA Hidden Universe Windows 7 Theme was reviewed by Gabriela Vatu
Last updated on January 14th, 2013
NASA Hidden Universe Windows 7 Theme - A universe filled with kaleidoscopic colors blazes across your desktop in this theme for Windows 7