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During your relaxation time watch on the monitor of your computer the amazing room which will help you to relax for a while.





In an ancient English castle a famous lord built a fireplace hall as it was usual for the buildings of that time. Initially it was made as a place where people could stay alone, come here and relax, turn away from the life fuss and lapse into the atmosphere of calmness and relaxation.

It is warm and cozy in this room; there are an old familiar clock and a fireplace which is an integral part of this room. As it is a well known fact that one can watch the burning fire for hours on end and at the same time getting relaxed and feeling refreshment of mind.

This phenomenon of nature is one of the most inexpressible and unexplainable on Earth: it seems as though the fire hypnotizes with its flame which is calmly wavers in the fireplace, the firewood is softly crackling thereby enhancing the relaxing effect and submerging you even more deeply in the ocean of warmth and calmness. The ticker of the clock is monotonically rocking which also helps to relax and forget about everyday problems.


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Last updated on May 6th, 2008
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