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RealPlayer Skins Pack - RealPlayer skins created by HexeMedia in one package

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RealPlayer Skins Pack is a collection of ready-to-go skins for RealPlayer. It aims to provide a more customized and user-friendly experience for fans of this media player.

The first fact that should be expressed about this skin collection is that it doesn’t work on the latest version of RealPlayer. Testing and assessing its value was a bit of a challenge for us.

Not knowing which version we should use for testing, we tried one of the early editions, namely 10.5 and we can state for sure that the skin collection is applicable to this iteration of the media player.

Needless to say, there are very few users who still rely on such old version, which drastically decreases the worth of the skin collection. Nevertheless, if it had worked with newest editions of RealPlayer, it would have been a valued asset.

The variety that RealPlayer Skins Pack brings in terms of appearance is great, actually. Flavors include Mac OS looks, Winamp, iPod, Quicktime and Rhapsody skins, some of which will implement a minimal appearance for the player, while the others will provide a larger interface.

Accommodating the new skins does not pose a challenge, since all of them can be applied with a double click. Subsequently, you can install them using the dedicated skin browser included in RealPlayer.

In order to switch between them, simply navigate to the View menu, then to the ‘Chose Skin’ section. The changes will be performed without exiting the player.

Considering all of the above, RealPlayer Skins Pack could have been a cool addition, provided that it featured support for newer versions of the media player. Nevertheless, this is highly unlikely to happen in the near feature, since updates haven’t been issued in quite a while.

RealPlayer Skins Pack was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on July 18th, 2013
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