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This application allows to you apply complete themes and suites easily and safely.

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It’s all about the looks nowadays, so any software solution has to look great if it really wants to succeed. And because most people attempt to change the way Windows looks, Theme Manager might come in as a very, very handy solution for a lot of users.

Just like its name suggests, this application is nothing more than a theme manager, so you can easily work with the themes you’ve installed on your computer. Some of its the app's other features rely on additional Stardock products that can be installed separately.

Although it also runs on Windows 7, compatibility issues might occur, so it is better to use Theme Manager only on XP and Windows Vista, just like the developer recommends.

The application has a pretty eye candy interface, so you should not encounter difficulties when trying to work with your themes. You can thus download new themes, install them, delete or apply the ones that are already on your hard drives and modify some of its aspects from a simple and clean window.

Theme Manager can install themes from both the hard disk and from online environments, so it is indeed a great tool for those looking to add a bit of personalization to their Windows machines.

Furthermore, you also have the possibility to put your creativity to good use by creating a custom theme from scratch, selecting the author information, the sounds, the wallpapers and even the desktop gadgets you want to include.

The Settings section does not bring too many options for personalizing this software, but it does allow you to change the color used within the main window.

All in all, Theme Manager is a nice utility to work with Windows themes, but do not expect it to do wonders on your computer. You can search for a new theme for your PC, install it or remove it, just like the functions provided by Windows, yet you can also create a custom theme with great ease.

Theme Manager was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on February 29th, 2012
Theme Manager - This is the main window of the application, wher you can view some of the features that you can use.Theme Manager - By accessing the Suites tab, the user can easily add a new theme or apply the current one.Theme Manager - From the Application tab, you will be able to select a new wallpaper for your desktop.Theme Manager - If the users want to save the current skin or icon, they need to acces the My Desktop tab.Theme Manager - screenshot #5Theme Manager - screenshot #6Theme Manager - screenshot #7Theme Manager - screenshot #8Theme Manager - screenshot #9

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