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Patch your Vista system for custom styles and maximized glass

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From all the graphic enhancements that Windows Vista and 7 brought along, the Aero feature is one of the most outstanding ones and, as expected, extremely catchy among users. However, on Windows Vista, the glassy look lasts only until you maximize a window, at which point the borders turn to a solid color. VistaGlazz is a quick and permanent fix for this inconvenience and additionally, it patches your system files to allow the installation of custom themes and styles.

VistaGlazz works only on Windows XP SP3, Vista and 7 and it requires .NET framework 3.5 in order to be able to run it. The program is free of charge, but it's not ad free, since it relies on OpenCandy to recommend various software during its installation. At first run, you will be asked to accept an agreement according to which the developer has no liability in case of loss or damage to your system. To avoid data loss, it is recommended to create a restore point, because this particular application patches system files and this might affect the well-running of your system.

The main window of VistaGlazz is stylish and simple at the same time, encasing large icons for each of its functions. The first button will patch your system and prepare it for third party custom styles that are not normally supported in Windows. This action will require a reboot, because the system files that have to be modified are in use. You can also unpatch them later if you decide you no longer need custom themes.

Another feature of the application is that it can perform an Aero enhancement in Vista (does not apply transparency on XP), enabling the glassy effect to last in maximized windows as well. This also asks for a system restart, but it's worth it, since it makes Aero a permanent asset.

With VistaGlazz, you will be able to deploy various theme and styles on your system and change the look and feel of your desktop. It alters some system dlls in order to make this possible, which is why it's extremely important to have a restore point to turn to in case your system stops working properly.

VistaGlazz was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on October 27th, 2011
VistaGlazz - This is the user interface of VistaGlazz where the users will be able to patch several system files in order to apply custom effects to Vista Aero

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