WinMatrix XP 2.35

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Creates a cool flowing matrix

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What's new in WinMatrix XP 2.35:

  • You can find a great improvement of the real matrix visual effect. We also add additional set of symbols for everyone who don't like blurry ones. Some bugs were fixed, and many strings of code were totally rewritten.
  • We also drop some unuseful information and compress the pictures. As a result, we decrease the amount of memory that this program use.
  • If you ever seen the previous version of WinMatrix XP and read all documentation that we provided, then you may notice that we made some design changes with the readme page. Help page was dropped because we don't believe that it is useful. Anyway, if we get many requests about help, then we will include it again and publish somewhere on our site.
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2 WinMatrix XP Screenshots:
WinMatrix XP - Using WinMatrix XP you are able to get a flowing matrix from "The Matrix" movie right on your desktop!WinMatrix XP - These are some of the settings that can be changed and you will find them if you click right on the icon.
Themes are a great way to customize the looks of your desktop. Designed especially for the Matrix movie fans, WinMatrix XP is a Windows theme that you can use to bring the realistic matrix effect on your desktop screen.

The program replaces the current wallpaper with the Matrix code animation, displaying an interesting visual effect. WinMatrix XP runs in the system tray, allowing you to access all its features from the context menu. When starting this application, the Active Desktop function is enabled and you can view the falling Matrix code on your desktop background.

Even though the Active Desktop function is enabled, WinMatrix XP does not too much of the computer resources, as its process runs with the lowest priority. Consequently, it does not slow down your computer or produce system or program failures, which is a real advantage.

WinMatrix XP is highly customizable, allowing you to change its settings from the designated window. You can choose either the flowing or the real matrix display, as well as optionally enable the fade out effect. Moreover, the program allows you to set the maximum number of lines in a row and line length.

In addition to this, you can select the overall speed and the highlighted items level. Also, the Matrix appearance can be improved by choosing how many symbols to be changed and the elements' size. The animation includes two sets of elements that can be displayed on your desktop screen.

Furthermore, users can configure WinMatrix XP to automatically run when Windows starts.

WinMatrix XP is a lightweight application developed to help Matrix movie enthusiasts customize their computer's appearance and have the amazing Matrix effect right on their desktop background.

WinMatrix XP was reviewed by , last updated on January 10th, 2012

Runs on: Windows XP

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