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A quick and easy way to remove files that seem impossible to get rid of using this lightweight and powerful software application

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Getting rid of malware components or stubborn files that resist regular attempts of removal can sometimes be a real pain. Advanced File Remover tackles this issue and tries to lend you a hand when trying to erase any kind of file and, in case the attempt fails, it will give it another try when you restart the computer.

A powerful player on the market

We've already seen similar tools in the market, and Unlocker is probably the best we can get in this particular software category, but Advanced File Remover isn't far either.

The interface is actually a simple dialog in which you're prompted to enter the path to the file you wish to delete and you only have to press the 'Remove' button to get rid of the annoying file.

Making sure desired files are removed

In order to successfully remove the file, Advanced File Remover can also unload and reload Windows Explorer and thus prevent it from blocking the attempt.

In other words, you may see the taskbar and the Start menu disappear from the screen, but the app will automatically reload them seconds after the process comes to an end.

Living up to expectations

During our tests, things went very well, but keep in mind that the program might require administrative privileges (right-click the application and select 'Run as Administrator') in order to be able to remove the files.

Advanced File Remover could use a feature like context menu integration to be able to send a file for deletion by simply right clicking on it.

In conclusion

Overall, this is one of the most efficient ways to remove undeletable files. The tool does its job quite well and it can be considered one of the apps that deserve a permanent place in anyone's utility belt. It does not require any accommodation time, getting you up and running right from the start.

Advanced File Remover was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 25th, 2014
Advanced File Remover - Advanced File Remover will help you get rid of hard to delete files.

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