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A powerful and reliable file manager intended to be a replacement for Windows Explorer, providing you with extra features, such as file shredding

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Having to use the computer as your main tool for work sooner or later requires you to spend some time to organize your files. Even though the operating system comes equipped with a basic utility to aid you, there are various specialized applications that do a better job. One such tool is Blue Explorer, putting an intuitive interface at your disposal with a handful of features to make file management easy and quick.

Lightweight and easily deployed

The setup process is completed in the blink of an eye, with not much effort required on your behalf. There is not a lot of pressure put on your computer, because little space is taken on the hard disk drive and the amount of system resources used is not something to worry about.

Quick navigation with multiple panels

Elements are cleverly arranged throughout the interface to let anyone, regardless of experience, quickly accommodate. Your workspace is split by default into two navigation panels, with a tree view available to easily reach any place on your hard disk drive.

The view can be slightly customized by arranging panels or even adding more. Your operating system's context menu becomes available when you right click on a file or folder.

Easily synchronize content of folders

In addition, an integrated function lets you synchronize content of folders, which comes in handy when documents need to constantly be up to date. Moreover, you can permanently remove files so that they cannot be recovered, with the help of a shredder.

Connect to other computers

The application gives you the possibility to customize hotkeys for enhanced maneuverability and even highlight important files or folders with various colors. Computers connected to the same network can be easily accessed.

In conclusion

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Blue Explorer is a powerful application you can use as an alternative to the default file explorer. It's not as powerful as other applications of its kind, but overall manages to make a good impression, leaving little else to be desired.

Blue Explorer was reviewed by Mircea Dragomir
Last updated on May 30th, 2015
Blue Explorer - Blue Explorer helps users organize the files or folders from their computers, using advanced tools like mass rename and data shredder.Blue Explorer - Users can search for files by name and filter the found results by format type, for precise results.Blue Explorer - By accessing the Edit menu, users can quickly copy filenames and paths, or they can create comments.Blue ExplorerBlue ExplorerBlue ExplorerBlue ExplorerBlue ExplorerBlue ExplorerBlue Explorer

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