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A practical and useful application that helps you to quickly search for your important files, then print them or simply copy the list to clipboard

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Directory List & Print is a simple and reliable directory manager specially designed for users who need to list and print the content of any directory at the same time.

It enables you to select the files or the folders you are interested in and print them while you are viewing details such as file size, the time of modifications and the path subtitles.

The application provides you with a user-friendly interface sectioned by two columns from where you can choose the directory you want.

Because it is designed with a regular window and intuitive structure, where all the tools are displayed on the upper part of the screen, Directory List & Print enables you to copy to clipboard the lists you want, which can also be exported to other programs or opened directly in Word or Excel.

Furthermore, it displays the content of each directory on a tree structure so you can easily drag and drop directories from Windows Explorer, as well as to loop through sub-directories.

The feature that makes the application to stand out of the box is that you can set various filters so you can view only the files you want. You can preview files by choosing a relevant date, set the attributes or even select the file types you are interested in such as .txt, .doc, .xls, .pdf etc.

Even if Directory List & Print does not provide you with advanced features and with a more modern interface, it still comes in handy specially for users who need to browse their computer for specific files. Not only it displays the content of each selected directory, but it also enables you to preview the files in each folder.

This way, each time you want to search for a specific file, you don't actually need to spend time by browsing each partition and folder. Sometimes, you might forget the name of that file, but still have a clue on its name if you came across with that specific file.

Therefore, with the help of the filters that Directory List & Print comes with, you can make your searching process easier than before.

To sum things up, Directory List & Print is a practical and comprehensive software solution that helps you to quickly browse directories for specific files, as well as to print an entire folder within minutes.

Directory List & Print was reviewed by Cristina Jitaru
Last updated on July 20th, 2015
Directory List & Print - Directory List & Print will help you quickly and easily list and print the content of any directory in a simple wayDirectory List & Print - The Selection tab will provide users with Include directories / files / date / time / size / path in file name or Remove path subtitles optionsDirectory List & Print - Users will be able to access options such as Print, Copy to clipboard, Word or Excel from the Output tab of the applicationDirectory List & Print

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