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Generate single or multiple dummy files, set the file size, and fill them with random data for various tests, such as CD burning, disk or network speed

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Dummy File Creator is a little program that can generate dummy data which is stored inside files of a user-defined size. It can generate a single dummy file or multiple such items in batch mode.

Dummy data is a term that refers to a way of reserving space for a particular action and is most used in test cases throughout programming, networking and so on. A dummy file doesn’t contain any useful data, being constituted of random information for the most part.

If you ever need to generate such a file, you can use Dummy File Creator to help you quickly and efficiently. It is intuitive, easy to use and does its job impeccably.

The program is brought inside a simple interface that fits all of the functionality inside a few buttons. Everything is displayed out in the open, with clear options so as not to create confusion.

There are two major functional modes inside Dummy File Creator; the first one produces a single file, while the second one is able to deliver as many as you want, with the observation you will have to provide a text file that contains the output paths and file names that the program should generate.

A sample file is provided to get you started with the batch creation. In each of the modes, you can freely enter the size of the output files (in bytes, KBs, MBs or GBs), with an option to generate non-compressible data.

The dummy files are delivered almost immediately after you press the ‘Create’ button, with a detailed log shown once the process is carried out.

All in all, Dummy File Creator can produce very large dummy files in very little time and at the cost of a few clicks. It is useful for anyone who wants to create test data quickly and with very little efforts.

Dummy File Creator was reviewed by Andreea Matei
Last updated on December 30th, 2013
Dummy File Creator - This is the main window of Dummy File Creator, where you can select the file path and size.

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