Project Consistency Manager

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Manage project files or folder structures, check the consistency, and auto-perform operations in bulk, such as copying, deleting or renaming files

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Project Consistency Manager is a complex and effective piece of software whose main purpose resides in offering you a reliable means of organizing all your files and folders, enabling you to work with them however you please.

Well-structured user interface

The application features a fairly cluttered appearance, making use of tabs and subtabs to organize all of its functions in one main screen.

As such, you have the possibility to ‘Manage Multiple Project Files’, ‘Manage Multiple Project Folders’ and ‘Create Multiple Project Folders’, each section offering three distinct components.

Duplicate, erase or change the names of your files and folders however you see fit

From the first tab of Project Consistency Manager, you can ‘Copy Multiple Files’, which allows you to choose the source folder and the destination directory for your documents. It enables you to use a predefined structure and decide how to deal with overwritable items.

The ‘Delete Multiple Files’ subtab lets you erase numerous documents in one action, while also having the option of excluding certain items. The ‘Rename Multiple Files’ section helps you add a prefix or suffix to the name of documents or modify their extension.

The ‘Manage Multiple Folders’ tab of the program features a set of very similar functions to those in the first category, the only difference being the fact that it focuses on entire directories, allowing you to copy, delete or rename them under a certain series of preferences.

At the same time, the ‘Create Multiple Project Folders’ component helps you ‘Create Multiple Folders Using Strings’, ‘Using Paths’ or ‘Using Increased Numbers’, depending on your particular requirements.

A handy tool for organizing computer directories

In short, Project Consistency Manager is a useful though rather complicated-looking utility which aims to assist you in the way you sort your system folders, enabling you to copy, rename or delete several similar-structured items in one go.

Project Consistency Manager was reviewed by Marina Dan
Last updated on March 31st, 2015
Project Consistency Manager - The main window of Project Consistency Manager allows you to create multiple folders using a preferred stringProject Consistency Manager - From the Create Multiple Folders Using Paths tab, you can specify a directory you wish to use as templateProject Consistency Manager - The Create Multiple Folders Using Increased Numbers section enables you to carefully organize your directoriesProject Consistency Manager - screenshot #4Project Consistency Manager - screenshot #5Project Consistency Manager - screenshot #6Project Consistency Manager - screenshot #7Project Consistency Manager - screenshot #8Project Consistency Manager - screenshot #9Project Consistency Manager - screenshot #10

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