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Greatly enhance file management processes with and abundance of features all packed in this powerful and easy to use software application

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Total Commander is one of the most powerful file management utilities available today and, besides the great built-in functions, it can be customized with a lot of things, including plugins and themes. To further enhance and personalize it you can try out the dedicated Total Commander PowerPack.

Bringing more power to file management

This bundle includes a lot of extra utilities in addition to Total Commander, such as preconfigured plugins, multiple skins and some other goodies that will definitely improve your experience with the app.

Quick deployment on your system

Installation might be a bit difficult for those uninitiated, but it's enough to move your mouse cursor over every single option to get a short description about what's inside. Plus, the setup process takes only a few seconds, as the PowerPack inherits the speed that made Total Commander so popular.

Make the interface suit your style

The interface is the same we know, but it sports the modifications brought by the goodies included in the package. Users thus get some new skins plus a new layout, but it all depends on your preferences because you can choose what to be displayed and how it should be shown.

An abundance of helpful features

The list of plugins included in the Total Commander PowerPack is absolutely impressive and it covers almost any imaginable operation you would want to perform on your files and folders. There are over 60 WCX, WLX, WDX and WFX plugins for you to choose from.

In conclusion

To sum it up, the application is a great addition that certainly adds value to the already popular application, Total Commander PowerPack comes with a solid set of features that can make file management a lot easier for everyone, so it earns a high spot on the recommendations list.

Total Commander PowerPack was reviewed by Bogdan Popa
Last updated on July 25th, 2014
Total Commander PowerPack - Total Commander PowerPack's main window displays the application menu, the system toolbar and the tabbed view of the file manager.Total Commander PowerPack - The Commands menu shows a wide range of actions that can be performed, including Voluime Label, System Information and Open Desktop Folder.Total Commander PowerPack - The Net menu provides various network commands, like Network connections, Disconnect network drives, FTP Connect, etc.Total Commander PowerPack - The NTFS menu lets shows some additional features: Permissions dialog, File auditing, Take ownership and Run as.Total Commander PowerPack - The Configuration menu gives you access to a large amount of customization features, including User Interface, Layout, Display, Operation, Plugin and Thumbnails.Total Commander PowerPack - The System menu gives you access to a series of Windows System tools: Control Panel, Desktopm My Computer, etc.Total Commander PowerPack - The Layout Configuration window allows you to customize the application's appearanca to fit your taste.Total Commander PowerPack - The Operation Configuration tab lets you set a wide range of settings related to the actions that you can perform.Total Commander PowerPack - The Packer Configuration tab, where you can select the preffered packer for each archive format.Total Commander PowerPack - In the Miscellaneous Configuration tab, you can configure the application's behavior according to your needs and preferences.

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