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Turbo Browser is designed to browse folders with large number of files and images such as those on network file servers that contain tens of thousands of files or even hundreds of thousands of files. Most file browsers and file managers would choke or even die when navigating across these folders.

Turbo Browser is an alternative to the standard Windows Explorer that will help you easily browse for files in a dual-pane window. The source and destination folders are right there upon launching Turbo Browser.

There a times when you only want to see certain files in a folder with large number of files, it’s not possible to have the Windows File Explorer to display only files with a specific extension, but you can do this easily with Turbo Browser with a simple click of the drop down box that contains all the file extensions for a specific folder.

Turbo Browser is also very a handy tool to extract embedded icons from resource files such as DLL or EXE files. This is a great tool for programmers who need various icons for their projects.
Last updated on August 3rd, 2009
Turbo Browser - This is the main window of Turbo Browser where you can easily explore folders using two panels.Turbo Browser - From the File menu, you can view the System, Display, Internet or Mouse Properties.Turbo Browser - The Tools menu is the place where you can choose to move erased files to the Recycle Bin.

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